Point-of-Care Data Management System


Abbott's PrecisionWeb system gives you flexible, web-based control over your entire point-of-care testing program, from anywhere in the hospital. PrecisionWeb captures patient test data from the Precision XceedPro® meter and securely transfers this data from docking station to desktop.


Take Control

  • Identify point-of-care testing issues at a glance with the PrecisionWeb System Dashboard.
  • Centralized control of operators, devices, and test data from across the hospital.
  • Open connectivity to hundreds of point-of-care testing devices


Collaborate Effectively

  • Multi-user system enablkes efficient e-collaboration among point-of-care professionals to help HCPs resolve issues quickly and optimize your bedside testing program.


Streamline Compliance

  • Access and analyze information quickly and easily with powerful, easy-to-use tools.
  • Simplify compliance with a range of flexible reports, instantly accessible.


Support For Wireless Community

  • Support for wireless transfer of test results to the patient's electronic chart helps make bedside test data rapidly available to clinicians.
  • Cost-effective solution integrates with existing wireless infrastructure.


To learn more about the PrecisionWeb Point-of-Care Data Management System, contact Abbott Diabetes Care today.