Important: Urgent field safety notice for FreeStyle and FreeStyle Mini blood glucose meters

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FreeStyle Lite FreeStyle Freedom Lite

FreeStyle InsuLinxTM
Blood Glucose Monitoring System

A meter that offers insulin dosing
advice instead of just numbers.

Now that's progress.

FreeStyle Lite® Test Strips
With ZipWikTM Tabs

Find out where the benefits start
with FreeStyle Lite® ZipWik tabs.

FreeStyle Lite®
Blood Glucose Monitoring System

A meter for on the go
testing anywhere, anytime.

FreeStyle Freedom Lite®
Blood Glucose Monitoring System

A meter that's easy to
read and use.

Precision Xtra®
Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Two apps in one. Sweet.

A blood glucose meter that
tests for ketone too.

FreeStyle Friends for Life

Customer support, lifetime
warranty and free meter upgrades*.

* Lifetime warranty and free meter upgrades require use of your meter for a minimum of three years.
  Choice of replacement meter will be at the discretion of Abbott.